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DOE training is the nuclear option of root cause analysis techniques.
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About DOE Training

DOE training is the nuclear option of root cause analysis techniques.

We regard Design of Experiments (DOE) as the most powerful problem solving tool in the world. Our Masters have used DOE to produce 6-digit per year savings many times across a broad range of industries and applications. It's definitely worth adding to your arsenal.

One or two fun case studies provide real, physical systems allowing students to actually experience how DOE works. Advanced topics such as fractional factorial arrays, multi-level factors, Taguchi arrays, etc. are covered. Statistical software such as Minitab or SigmaXL is also used.



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Indianapolis, IN


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Ben Aldridge
Ben Aldridge
Field Service Support Admin

I had the pleasure of working with our Master Black Belt at our energy tech firm. There, he created an internal mentorship and training program to teach lean/six sigma concepts. The training was made available to employees spread both horizontally and vertically throughout the organization. Executives, managers, assemblers and receptionists alike were soon finding and eliminating waste within their workday. This divide-and-conquer philosophy in executing the continuous improvement program was not only an incredibly efficient way to find and implement cost savings, but also created a culture of empowerment within our organization. Our MBB encouraged all of his students to use these techniques to add value to the organization, in-turn making them more valuable employees.