Training and Consultation in Nevada
Silver State | Battle Born

Where MBB Consulting™ Operates

Spanish for 'snow covered', Nevada is known for silver discovery. Since the Comstock Lode and other major finds, Nevada has become America's largest silver producer. Affiliations include the mountain bluebird, bristlecone pine trees, sagebrush, and desert bighorn sheep. The slot machine was invented in Nevada. So, its no surprise that casinos are common along with wild mustangs, mountains, and vast expanses of desert. Hard hats were also invented here. Skiing is popular. Nevadan cuisine is unique thanks to chateaubriand and paella. Shop for native black fire opal. Plan to visit Lunar Crater, Lehman Caves, Hoover Dam, Area 51, Lake Tahoe, Red Rock Canyon, the Valley of Fire, or Great Basin National Park. Nevada cities near most of our training and consulting work are shown below. Would any be a convenient location for your training? If yes, select one to see available classes and dates. If not, no problem. Click "Contact" in the menu bar (above), and we will come to you.