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MBB Consulting™ - Basic Microsoft Excel Training In Los Angeles, CA

Basic Microsoft Excel Training In Los Angeles, CA

Basic Microsoft Excel Training
Los Angeles is the center of Southern California. Basic Microsoft Excel Training teaches Los Angeles students Excel's most common tools.
Price $299
Duration 1 day
Format In-person, instructor-led slideshow with exercises and a quiz to test comprehension.
Materials Each student will receive a 3-ring binder containing print-outs of the slideshow. Assuming satisfactory quiz results graded a few days after class, each student will receive a Certificate of Completion.
Class Size5 - 8 students
Start Day Options
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CityLos Angeles, CA

Recommended Dates

The following dates are recommended because they have a low minimum student requirement, or students are enrolled but not yet enough to hold a class. Please choose a date for your Basic Microsoft Excel Training class. Dates are formatted as year-month-day:

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About Basic Microsoft Excel Training

Who is Basic Microsoft Excel Training for?

Basic Microsoft Excel training is for everyone interested in quickly becoming proficient using Excel's most common and powerful tools. If you've started a new job that requires use of Excel spreadsheets, or want to stand out when compared to your peers as eligible for such a role, then this training is for you. In our course, Los Angeles students learn:

Basic Microsoft Excel Training Course Overview:

Basic Microsoft Excel Training quickly getting Los Angeles students proficient with Excel's most common and useful spreadsheet functions, and techniques.
Basic computation including count, sum, average, max, and min.

Text functions including how to determine text length, picking out pieces of text, and combining pieces of text.

Date functions including adding and subtracting dates, date, datedif, day, weeknum, month, year.

Searching and finding data with match, choose, index, lookup, vlookup, hlookup, and hlookup.

Decision-making including if then statements.

Analysis techniques including removing duplicates, sorting, and filtering.

Presentation techniques including color-coding, and graphing with trend charts and histograms.

Los Angeles

City of Angels

Excellent choice! By population, Los Angeles is the 2nd largest city in the US, and largest in California. The Port of Los Angeles is a popular Hawaiian cruise departure point, and America's premier gateway for international commerce. Other highlights include both beach and mountains, a Mediterranean-like climate, Hollywood's fame in the entertainment industry, plus strength in culture and education. While there, after Basic Microsoft Excel Training consider visiting the Jerome C. Daniel Overlook above the Hollywood Bowl or other impressive mountain view spots, Nicholas Canyon or one of many beaches, Getty Center, Griffith Observatory, Universal Studios, museums, and tons more.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
Credit: Navid Serrano (Nserrano)


Our Los Angeles Training Center is downtown near the intersection of highways 101 & 110. Within walking distance are exercise facilities like 24 Hour Fitness, and Ketchum YMCA; the Los Angeles Central Library; and a FedEx office center.


Read what our students and clients have to say.

Dave H.
Dave H.
EH&S Manager
Ship Building

So happy to get a professional that knows what they're talking about in here to teach us something useful. Our hands-on measurement system analysis exercise revealed problems with one of the gages most frequently used by Quality.

Kenton D.
Director of Technical Services
Food Production

Instructor was very knowledgeable and presented (5S) material in a manner that held the interest of the class.