Training and Consultation in British Columbia

Where MBB Consulting™ Operates

British Columbia is Canada's westernmost and 3rd most populous province. British Columbia contains seven national parks and reserves serving as an unspoiled home to a wide variety of fish and animals including the rare white Spirit Bear. White spruce, cedar, juniper, and pine are common. Outdoor sports are popular including hiking, camping, rock climbing, hunting, fishing, sea kayaking, and sailing. If you like seafood, salmon is an absolute yes in British Columbia. During our last visit, we enjoyed a massive outdoor cedar-flavored salmon bake that was absolutely fantastic. Jade is British Columbia's national mineral. Tons of it have been discovered throughout the province in over 50 sites. So much in-fact that it has become a major export to China. Might make a nice souvenir and good opportunity to buy jade inexpensively. Popular attractions include Stanley Park's scenic 5-1/2 mile seawall, a massive 55 acre explosion of floral fragrance and color at Butchart Gardens, and the Capilano Suspension Bridge spanning 450 ft and 230 ft above the Capilano River. British Columbia cities near most of our training and consulting work are shown below. Would any be a convenient location for your training? If yes, select one to see available classes and dates. If not, no problem. Click "Contact" in the menu bar (above), and we will come to you.