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MBB Consulting™ - Supervisor 101 - New Supervisor Training In Nogales, SO

Supervisor 101 - New Supervisor Training In Nogales, SO

Supervisor 101 - New Supervisor Training
Nogales se encuentra en la frontera norte de Sonora. Nogales students new to supervision learn the basics to start off on the right foot.
Price $349
Duration 1 day
Format In-person, instructor-led slideshow with exercises and a quiz to test comprehension.
Materials Each student will receive a 3-ring binder containing print-outs of the slideshow. Assuming satisfactory quiz results graded a few days after class, each student will receive a Certificate of Completion.
Class Size3 - 20 students
Start Day
facility match
CityNogales, SO

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About Supervisor 101 - New Supervisor Training

Who is Supervisor 101 - New Supervisor Training for?

New Supervisor training is for any employee new to the role of supervisor or hoping to become a supervisor. In our course, Nogales students learn:

Supervisor 101 - New Supervisor Training Course Overview:

Get a crash course in the critical things every new supervisor needs to know. Topics covered include: (1) Legalities of safety, pay, equal opportunity, non-discrimination, and harassment (2) Positivity, developing a work environment that's safe, comfortable, fun, caring, and inclusive; (3) Roles, training, performance metrics, and communication.


Excellent choice! Por su ubicación, Nogales es uno de los puertos de entrada más importantes para los turistas de los Estados Unidos. Su zona centro está conformada por bares, hoteles, restaurantes y una gran cantidad de tiendas de curiosidades, las cuales venden una gran variedad de artesanías traídas del centro y sur de México. Los platos locales comúnmente disponibles en los restaurantes incluyen enchiladas, tacos, burritos y tamales. Las fábricas manufactureras emplean a un gran porcentaje de la población. La proximidad de Nogales a los Estados Unidos y la abundancia de mano de obra excelente lo convierten en un lugar eficiente para que las empresas extranjeras tengan operaciones de fabricación y ensamblaje.

Nogales, SO


Nuestro sitio de capacitación en Nogales está ubicado justo en el centro, cerca del centro comercial y Walmart.

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Read what our students and clients have to say.

Chris K.
Chris K.
Executive Vice President

I did gain new concepts / ideas from the value stream mapping training even though it was a refresher for me.

Jungpyo H.
Jungpyo H.
Quality manager

He has a lot of experience for this area. so he told aboundant story about industry happening, It'll works to me and I was inspired, in conclusion, Thanks a lot for your advice!