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MBB Consulting™ - Supervisor 101 - New Supervisor Training In Houston, TX

Supervisor 101 - New Supervisor Training In Houston, TX

Supervisor 101 - New Supervisor Training
Houston is the center of America's petroleum industry. Houston students new to supervision learn the basics to start off on the right foot.
Price $349
Duration 1 day
Format In-person, instructor-led slideshow with exercises and a quiz to test comprehension.
Materials Each student will receive a 3-ring binder containing print-outs of the slideshow. Assuming satisfactory quiz results graded a few days after class, each student will receive a Certificate of Completion.
Class Size2 - 10 students
Start Day
facility match
CityHouston, TX

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About Supervisor 101 - New Supervisor Training

Who is Supervisor 101 - New Supervisor Training for?

New Supervisor training is for any employee new to the role of supervisor or hoping to become a supervisor. In our course, Houston students learn:

Supervisor 101 - New Supervisor Training Course Overview:

Get a crash course in the critical things every new supervisor needs to know. Topics covered include: (1) Legalities of safety, pay, equal opportunity, non-discrimination, and harassment (2) Positivity, developing a work environment that's safe, comfortable, fun, caring, and inclusive; (3) Roles, training, performance metrics, and communication.


Bayou City - Energy Capital of the World

Excellent choice! Houston began with discovery of oil at the Spindletop oil field near Beaumont. Oil combined with Galveston's hurricane devastation encouraged investment in the Houston ship channel and deep water Port of Houston. WWWII spurred ship building. Development of air conditioning made Houston's low cost of living more attractive to northern companies who began relocating there. Aerospace emerged. And Houston has flourished becoming the 4th largest city in the US by population. As such, Houston will keep you busy after Supervisor 101 - New Supervisor Training with popular museums, the zoo, huge stadiums, malls, possibly the world's largest rodeo, gardens, and a stunning aquarium.

Houston, TX
Credit: Henry Han


Our Houston Supervisor 101 - New Supervisor Training site resides in an eye-catching four-story building on a prime site in northwest Houston. Set in scenic grounds, the brick building features an unusual turret design and a marble-floored lobby fronted by an impressive curtain of sweeping glass. It is close to Hwy 45 and the Texas 8 Beltway, right next to Highway 249 and Willowbrook Mall.


Read what our students and clients have to say.

Jeremy A.
Jeremy A.

I can determine that I gained and appreciated the growth of knowledge brought forth in the (GD&T) presentation by our trainer.

Benjamin V.
Benjamin V.


MBBC's GD&T course was at a good level and pace for an engineer out of school and with a good understanding of conventional tolerancing. I appreciated the use of real-life examples.