8D Training

8D Training
8D training provides students a complete problem solving methodology similar to Six Sigma, RedX, and others. 8D was developed at Ford where one of our Master Black Belts began his career using 8Ds as a regular course of business.
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Pre-enrollment is accepted until the minimum student requirement is met. Once enough students have signed up, then we will reach out to process your payment. If minimum enrollment is not attained, we may ask that you consider an alternate date or location. With that in mind, would any of the 4 states be possible for you? Facilities in these states either have a low minimum student requirement, or already have students signing up:

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However, if travel is a limitation for you and none of the states above will work, don't worry. We have several options. And if none of those below suit your needs, feel free to contact us and make a request. We will do everything possible to accomodate. A common request we receive is to do on-site training for companies seeking to get several employees trained at the same time.

About 8D Training

8D training provides students a complete problem solving methodology similar to Six Sigma, RedX, and others. 8D was developed at Ford where one of our Master Black Belts began his career using 8Ds as a regular course of business.

8D stands for the "8 Disciplines" (of problem solving). Before it was called this, Ford called it TOPS (Team-Oriented Problem Solving). One of our Master Black Belts lived with TOPS and 8D as it evolved over several years at Ford. An best practice of 8D is the last step (D8), where the team's accomplishment is celebrated. This is because Lean Daily Management boards at Ford included SQDCME where "M" stands for Morale. Morale was an essential aspect of everything we did and protected us from practicing "Lean Gone Wrong" (TM).

The disciplines are:

  • D0: Plan. Plan for solving the problem and determine the prerequisites. Together with D1-D3, this is similar to MBBC's interpretation of Six Sigma's Define Phase.
  • D1: Team. Establish a team of people with product/process knowledge.
  • D2: Define and describe the problem. Specify the problem by identifying in quantifiable terms the who, what, where, when, why, how, and how many (5W2H) for the problem.
  • D3: Develop interim containment plan; implement and verify interim actions. Define and implement containment actions to isolate the problem from any customer. We notice that some Lean Six Sigma trainers and even accredited training material completely omit the critical step of containment.
  • D4: Determine, identify, and verify root causes and escape points. Identify all applicable causes that could explain why the problem occurred. Also identify why the problem was not noticed at the time it occurred. All causes shall be verified or proved, not determined by fuzzy brainstorming. One can use 5 Whys and cause and effect diagrams to map causes against the effect or problem identified.
  • D5: Choose and verify permanent corrections (PCs) for problem/nonconformity. Through pre-production programs, quantitatively confirm that the selected correction will resolve the problem for the customer.
  • D6: Implement and validate corrective action. Define and implement the best corrective actions.
  • D7: Take preventive measures. Modify management systems, operation systems, practices, and procedures to prevent recurrence of this and all similar problems. Analogous to Six Sigma's Control Phase. Where error-proofing was not done, Control is required and may take the form of SPC, audits, etc.
  • D8: Congratulate your team. Celebrate. This is a best practice compared to Six Sigma and Shainin RedX. So, MBBC incorporates celebration into the Six Sigma Control Phase.

    Excerpted and edited from Grace L. Duffy's Modular Kaizen: Continuous and Breakthrough Improvement, ASQ Quality Press, 2014, pages 119-120.

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    Srinivas Hatathodi
    Srinivas Hatathodi
    Owner / Consultant
    Lake City Consulting

    Our Master Black Belt Instructor was instrumental in getting my department to change the way we think. Achieving success in Lean methods sometimes needs an overhaul of conventional methods and our MBB was the person that can take the concept from an abstract form to reality in the most efficient way possible. The Lean Six Sigma projects that our department conducted helped us reduce costs and streamline our operations.