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MBB Consulting™ - Powered Industrial Truck Training In Houston, TX

Powered Industrial Truck Training In Houston, TX

Powered Industrial Truck Training
Houston is the center of America's petroleum industry. Houston students learn how to be safe working with and near powered industrial trucks.
Price $349
Duration 1 day
Format In-person, instructor-led slideshow with exercises and a quiz to test comprehension.
Materials Each student will receive a 3-ring binder containing print-outs of the slideshow. Assuming satisfactory quiz results graded a few days after class, each student will receive a Certificate of Completion.
Class Size2 - 10 students
Start Day
facility match
CityHouston, TX

Recommended Dates

The following dates are recommended because they have a low minimum student requirement, or students are enrolled but not yet enough to hold a class. Please choose a date for your Powered Industrial Truck Training class. Dates are formatted as year-month-day:

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About Powered Industrial Truck Training

Who is Powered Industrial Truck Training for?

Powered industrial truck training is for anybody operating or working around material handling vehicles including forklifts, tuggers, etc. In our course, Houston students learn:

Powered Industrial Truck Training Course Overview:

Get forklift certified today in the best training you will ever have.


Bayou City - Energy Capital of the World

Excellent choice! Houston began with discovery of oil at the Spindletop oil field near Beaumont. Oil combined with Galveston's hurricane devastation encouraged investment in the Houston ship channel and deep water Port of Houston. WWWII spurred ship building. Development of air conditioning made Houston's low cost of living more attractive to northern companies who began relocating there. Aerospace emerged. And Houston has flourished becoming the 4th largest city in the US by population. As such, Houston will keep you busy after Powered Industrial Truck Training with popular museums, the zoo, huge stadiums, malls, possibly the world's largest rodeo, gardens, and a stunning aquarium.

Houston, TX
Credit: Henry Han


Our Houston Powered Industrial Truck Training site resides in an eye-catching four-story building on a prime site in northwest Houston. Set in scenic grounds, the brick building features an unusual turret design and a marble-floored lobby fronted by an impressive curtain of sweeping glass. It is close to Hwy 45 and the Texas 8 Beltway, right next to Highway 249 and Willowbrook Mall.


Read what our students and clients have to say.

Vintanya C.
Vintanya C.
QA Engineer II

MBBC's instructor is a true gem in the industry! Not only was he engaging (no one fell asleep, that really says something), his industry knowledge is current and even surpasses the industry standards for accuracy, clarity, and understanding in the GD&T space. From this course, I discovered how much GD&T exposure I have had as a Biomedical Engineer working in Quality, and it also gave me the framework I need to finally move into design and product development. I am looking forward to taking more courses with MBB Consulting.

Asher L.
Asher L.
Manufacturing Process Engineer

Good course, I would not change anything for the limited 3 days we were able to meet. (RE : IATF Internal Auditor Training)