Six Sigma Green Belt Training In Birmingham

Six Sigma Green Belt Training
Being the only place in the world possessing all 3 raw materials for steel production in a 10-mile radius, Birmingham was born from the iron and steel industry as showcased by a statue of Vulcan, and Tannehill Ironworks Park. Six Sigma Green Belt training equips Birmingham students with an array of simple but effective improvement tools.
Price $3,500
Duration 5 days
Class Size2 - 12 students
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CityBirmingham, AL

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About Six Sigma Green Belt Training

No heavy statistics is used in our Green Belt class. Steps include Six Sigma's traditional DMAIC cycle borrowing from Shainin RedX where needed, and interspersing Lean Manufacturing tools throughout. Specific techniques include: writing work instructions, measurement system analysis through ISO Plot, root cause analysis through Component Swap and basic full-factorial Design of Experiments, Payoff Matrix, Cost-Benefit Analysis, and simplified Statistical Process Control.


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Birmingham, AL
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Birmingham Six Sigma Green Belt Training is provided at an elegant, landmark hotel with an upscale restaurant & bar, plus free breakfast & Wi-Fi.


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Charles Haymaker
Charles Haymaker
Vice President
International Transport

I had the privilege of working with our Master Black Belt when he spearheaded the Six Sigma transformation within our company. The "do-as-I-do" disciplined style of his direction resonated within our entire organization. This was during a period of escalated growth and the management struggles that often accompany. Through his steady and focused approach, he brought structure to the craziness, garnered buy-in at all levels, and was quickly recognized as the guru. This was several years ago and now as a leader in an unrelated industry, I still find myself looking back on many of the concepts and methods we discussed. You may remember that one great teacher you had when you were in school, or a mentor you still think about today? He is one of those kind of special people who one is fortunate to know.