Six Sigma White Belt Training In Nashville, TN

Six Sigma White Belt Training
Nashville is the capital and most populous city of Tennessee. Six Sigma White Belt training introduces Nashville students to business excellence tools.
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Duration 1 day
Class Size5 - 10 students
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CityNashville, TN

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About Six Sigma White Belt Training

Who is Six Sigma White Belt Training for?

Any professional curious about Six Sigma and determined to improve their organization, salary, and candidacy for promotion should begin with Six Sigma White Belt awareness headed toward Green Belt. All companies whether providing products or services possess opportunity for improvement as do all functions within those companies. Six Sigma is an organizational excellence system applicable to any product, process, or service. This includes production / manufacturing, materials / logistics, purchasing, maintenance, quality, manufacturing engineering, product engineering, sales, marketing, human resources, IT, and finance. Six Sigma exposes upcoming professionals to managerial tasks they may not otherwise have. And, an increasing number of companies require Six Sigma certification for advancement into managerial roles. Nashville students will learn: In our course, Nashville students learn:

Six Sigma White Belt Training Course Overview:

Six Sigma White Belt training introduces Nashville students and begins their journey toward world-class business excellence concepts and terminology. Six Sigma White Belt training conveys awareness of concepts and terminology pre-requisite to Green Belt training. Concepts include Six Sigma's traditional DMAIC cycle.

What are White Belt Concepts?

Our training covers roles of participants, belt levels and their meanings, and all important Six Sigma concepts. Roles described include Champions, process owners, project leaders, and team members. Belt levels explained are Master Black Belt, Black Belt, Green Belt, and White Belt. Concepts include:

Define. Managerial: project management, cost-benefit analysis, team member selection, team formation, change management, project charters, policy generation usually for creating or updating containment-related work instructions, and training. Technical: trend charts, Pareto charts, Y to X Mapping and other scoping techniques, inspection / testing. Key deliverables include quantifying the problem's annual financial impact, and diminishing the customer's suffering immediately.

Measure. Students are exposed to the notion of Measurement System Analysis (MSA) including its interpretation in the form of a scatter plot and Gage R&R.

Analyze. Concepts reviewed include: 5 Why's, cause and effect (fishbone or Iskikawa) diagram, fault tree analysis, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), regression, walking the process, component swapping and Design of Experiments (DOE).

Improve. Students will be exposed to Error-Proofing, Payoff Matrix, Criteria Matrix, and Pilot.

Control. Final topics are Statistical Process Control (SPC). including different types of control charts, change control, policy writing, training, mentorship, auditing, and supervision.


Music City

Excellent choice! Nashville's location and function as a port on the Cumberland River enabled growth. Country music has long-been integral to the city's economy. Healthcare, and automotive production are also prominent. After Six Sigma White Belt Training, the best things to do in Nashville are visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame, or Ryman Auditorium. See a show at the Grand Ole Opry. Try some Goo Goo Clusters.

Nashville, TN
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Our Nashville Six Sigma White Belt Training site has easy access to Hillsboro Pike and I-440, and is only 10 minutes away from downtown. It has convenient on-site parking. Just be careful not to parked in a reserved spot It's also nestled in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods we've ever seen. You might enjoy just riding around and gazing at the spectacular mansions. Plus, it's near Green Hills Mall, Whole Foods and many restaurants. Inside, you'll enjoy a beautiful, marbled, 2-story lobby with a stunning view outside especially when it snows.


Read what our students and clients have to say.

Srinivas Hatathodi
Srinivas Hatathodi
Owner / Consultant
Lake City Consulting

Our Master Black Belt Instructor was instrumental in getting my department to change the way we think. Achieving success in Lean methods sometimes needs an overhaul of conventional methods and our MBB was the person that can take the concept from an abstract form to reality in the most efficient way possible. The Lean Six Sigma projects that our department conducted helped us reduce costs and streamline our operations.